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My name's Lisa Hopper, and I'm a photographer located just northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a former middle school teacher and technology specialist and have worked in Information Technology in the education industry for the last 16 years. Photography has been a passion of mine starting with my Minolta x700 SLR back in my teaching days while working on the school's yearbook and leading the photography club. These days, I use Canon digital SLR cameras and compatible gear.

While working for the school district, I've taken numerous photos that have been featured on the district's website and published on covers of their print and digital magazine, Communique. I've also taken photos for the Teacher of the Year (TOTY) semifinalists since 2010. These images have been used in the district's annual TOTY banquet, and many have also appeared in local newspapers.

Aside from the candids and head shots I've done for the district, I enjoy many kinds of photography ranging from macro to sports to landscapes. The challenge of trying to capture the right moment with the balance of light, action, and emotion is a key driving force in my photography. Whether the subject is a person, a scene from the wonderful outdoors, or an inanimate object, I want the viewer to be able connect with the image and see what I'm trying to convey.

I hope you enjoy the images on the site!

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